Pro Player

Setups for Interplay-sports Pro Player versions

00191d16fe-installationPro-player is build for modern players where they can import the games and see all involvments they have done in the game.

The modern coaching and information sharing methods that is part of the Interplay system, gives the opportunity to distribute the analyzed games to a new generation players that are used to computers.

Young people with great ambitions for becoming better players, can benefit greatly from seeing their own engagements to develop their own skills.

Pro player gives access for the players to make their own projects and development goals.

For the players

  • You can easily download games from the web
  • You can build highlight videos from the games
  • You can study your play and and become a better player
  • You can make good presentations of your skilles or best situations.

You have 30 days evaluations periode for testing out the application.

After 30 days, the application turns to a Free Player.
This make you able to see everthing as before, but you can’t change anthing in the analysis. You have Showroom, Presentation and Match Import available in the Free Player application.

The clubs main Interplay Analysis system can move the game to net where you can download the game direct to your Interplay Pro Player or the match can be exported to a USB-disk and your av import the game from this disk.

Click at your sport for start the installation procedure.

Click yes and next at all the options you will have during the installation.

A new installation will not affect your analysis at the computer

An uninstallation of the application will not delete your analysis or the license information you have in your computer.


Pro Player

This is a version without analysis capability and options, but you can import and play exported games from the analysis versions. After 30 days withot any payment for the Pro Version, these versions turn to Free player.

Click at the installation of the Pro Player 4.9

Interplay-sports Pro Player Soccer

Interplay-sports Pro Player Icehockey

Interplay-sports Pro Player Handball

Interplay-sports Pro Player Basketball

Interplay-sports Pro Player Lacrosse

Interplay-sports Pro Player Futsal



When you install for upgrade to a new version, all your license information will remain in your computer and of course all your analyzed games.

The installation and un-installation will not affect your system information, license or imported games.

Minimum spesifications for players computer

The computer should have at least 2 GHz processor and at least 2 Gb RAM memory.

  • Screen resolution more than 1024×768
  • 50-100 Gb free harddisk drive