Trial versions

All Interplay versions will give you 30 days trial period when installing in an unused computer.

All features is available during the trial period.

Install your Interplay version for selected sport from the download page.

The trial version require the same minimum spesifications as spesified in the page “Hardware to use”

Your analysis during the trial period will be available also after the trial period.

It will not be possible to do more analysis after ended Trial period. If you need more time for the evaluation, please send a request to jan@interplay-sports.com with your name and organization.

Order the system

If you want to purchase the Interplay-system, please send us a e-mail with your name and organization name. We will make ready the agreement for the license and the invoice.

All new versions, all upgrades and all support is included in the license package.

We then need the serial number in your Interplay application.You will find this number in the Profile screen. You open the Profile screen from the button up in the right side in ex. Showroom.

Click at the Profile button up in right corner in
one of the main screens in Interplay.

The serial number is at the top of the Profile window. Click at the number and you make a copy of it. You can then paste the number into an email.

Trial period

The trial period will start from first day you start using the system.

You have all features available in the system during the evaluation period.

If you need more time for evaluate the Interplay systems, please send us a request.