Built for easy handling of your
most complex analysis and scouting tasks.

The Pro versions are built for live analysis, but you can also analyze a match post-game from the camera, DVD, or using imported video files. Interplay is a very effective tool and most of the analysis is ready when the game is finished.

This makes it possible to do half time review:
Connect a computer in the locker room to the analyze computer at the field using a local network or WiFi. Direct information during the game.

Half Time Review

Connect to the analyze computer and get all analyzed video clips and situations you want to watch and inspect closer.
Connect the computer in the locker room to a projector and run video clips you want to discuss with the players
Use a tablet computer in the field for direct connection with the analyzing computer.


Upload player videos to the player’s mobile devices

We have developed a good partnership with the Swedish company Winnherheads that have a very good solution for easy sharing video with your players. Create all player videos in Interplay-sports and upload then the player’s situations to their devices in an automatic process.

Read more here about Winnerheads and here is a guide for testing and purchase the solution.


Several computers can be connected to the local network during a game or after in the coach office for game strategy and feedback. The Interplay systems are independent of the Internet and you can use the systems everywhere. The system can be used for distributing the video clips and share the analysis by net, USB sticks, or using Cloud computing.

Developed with Coaches

All software from the beginning was developed together with people with great knowledge of the sport and how to get the most out of available technology. The way the programs work and the modules available is the same for all sports, but the logic and the functionality of the program are customized to fit each sport. This will make you efficient in the use of our software and save you time.
All applications are created in the most modern development tools from Microsoft, Visual Studio 2012 in the .NET platform. Cloud Computer technology for fast sharing and archive of your analysis is one of the next goals in the development and the platform makes it possible for the best flexibility.

Screen layout using rules in the sport

The screen layout makes it easy to design your variables because all rules in the sports are part of the screen layout.

  • Fixed groups organize your optional variables in advanced database logic
  • Make it easy to make selections and presentations
  • Make presentations easy and fast from the last game or many games
  • You don’t need to have knowledge about search logic in the databases
  • You can easily integrate several analyze sets for different tasks.

Analyze both teams

Unlike most of our competitors, you can analyze both teams.

Your team’s defensive actions can easily be found in your opponent’s offensive attack types and variables and vice-versa when using counter-phases.

When you analyze your own team, you build archives simultaneously by all your opponents. You’ll save a lot of time.

This analysis of your opponent gives a lot of information you can use in your game strategy and tactics.