Company profile

Interplay-sports is a specialized software company based in Oslo, Norway, that develops advanced video analysis systems for national teams and clubs systems in several sports.

The first video analysis application was developed in 1994 at the Windows 3.11 platform using video capture cards on the desktop.

The company started with the name SuperCoach in 1994. Later the name changed to Mastercoach and had most of the teams in MLS as customers back in 1998 that were testing out the first video analysis systems in the market.

The founder Jan Tunli, got a patent on video analysis in 2000, først in the USA and then for the world

US Patent

World patent in Video analysis

Most of our opponents in the video analysis business have to make a copy of how Interplay-sports works and the principle in the patents, but Interplay-sports has taken the video analysis to new levels.
Interplay-sports is probably the most advanced video analysis system in the market with up to four camera connections, halftime reviews, and CochView during the game.
The video analysis system is specialized for different sports. for video feedback to all different tasks in the club with the upload of videos to different web-based sports portals and smart distributing of video links to players and coaches using Youtube.
This makes Interplay-sports video analysis system unique in the market in several perspectives.
All systems are built for live analysis that combines very effective short keys with mouse clicks at players and variables.
The analysis method is very effective and time-efficient even if you do a post-analyze after the game. It’s easy to analyze both teams and your defense actions can be selected depending on the opponent’s attack types.