Recommended Computers, Cameras and Converters

The specs

Live analysis
The 4.7 version can connect 4 different video sources to the system. Normally use is connecting with one or two cameras to your Interplay analysis computer.
This computer should have at least i7 processors or similar (> 2.2 Ghz) and at least 4-6 Gb RAM memory.

24b2784d65-computer_cameraConnecting to more than 2 cameras needs a top computer with highlevel i7 processor (>2.5 Ghz) and a SSD hard disk drive.

The analysis can be done directly from camera with USB-3, USB-2, Thunderbolt or Firewire connection or in a combination with different inputs/connections. Be sure your new computer has USB3 ports if you want a computer for the future that can do live analysis or post analysis direct from camera or other sources.



USB-3 converters
We have tested several HDMI to USB-3 converters and we found Magewell products as the best. This converter get it’s power from the computer and uses standard drivers from Microsoft. No needs for seperat power and no needs for software installations.

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There are three different converters:

Magewell HDMI to USB-3 connection
This is for connection to HDMI sources as cameras, TVs, cabel-TV boxes and other HDMI sources as other computers for capture streaming video (screen capture).

Magewell SDI to USB-3
This is for connection to high quality broadcast units using SDI connection and inut from professional cameras and inhouse production.

Magewell Pro box
For National teams and pro teams that neeed a flexible connection til professional cameras/mixers or HDMI cameras. This capture box has also other input like composit, component, VGA and others. Interplay-sports is reseller of these products in the sport market.

Order USB-3 Converter
You can order and pay these products directly from Interplay-sports 4.6 versions and newer and also from all MiniPro versions.

Open up the Profil Window and you will see the order and pay button. It is also possible to send an invoice if you do not have the Interplay-program installed. This invoice will include a service fee (about € 40 per order). When the order or invoice is paid we will send the Magewell device as a Mail package with tracking option. Addtional national import fees and taxes may be added.

Black Magic Design
If you have a Black Magic Design Converter, please check the link for supported computers for Black Magic Thunderbolt or USB3 products and www.blackmagicdesign.com for installation.


We dont recommend these converters because they behave different depending of what computer they are installed in. We think they are unstable in use and strongly recommend Magewell converters that are using standard windows drivers and seems much more stable in a Windows enviroment.


Please, check Customs regulations in your country for import of electronics. Taxes can be added to the prices in our onine store.

Post analysis
You can film the game and play back using an converter between the camera and computer or you can load video files into Interplay for analysis. You do that in the capture screen.

If you do the analysis connected to a camera and play back the game to the computer, Interplay will act as in live anaysis. The spec for the computer should be as you do live analysis.
If you load in videos from full games into the system, be sure you have plenty with RAM memory in your computer. It should be 8 or 16 Gb.

Other connections
If you dont have USB-3 in your computer:
USB can be used with TerraTec products, but since the USB 2.0 speed is slower than firewire will the result be poorer quality than firewire. Some computers have problems to use USB 2.0 ports together with video capture.

Computers with firewire input can connect all firewire devices like cameras with firewire or media converters. Media converters like Canopus ADVC 110 can connect all video and camera sources without firewire to your computer.

firewire_expresscardIf you have a computers without firewire, but with SmartCard port, can normally add a firewire smartcard that make you able to use firewire connections. The picture shows a 6 pins firewire smartcard that communicate with 4 pins firewire in a 6 to 4 firewire cable.


Almost all cameras in the market today have HDMI output for live or Post analysis. The HDMI output can be connected to a media converter. You can then via the media converter perform analyzes live or on demand from the camera or directly from your TV or cable-net.

The Camera should have a good lens as first priority. Then you can use the camera in twilight and dark with good result. A good lens will affect the quality og captured video very much.

The next you should check is the recording format. You will sometimes inport the video clips directly into Interplay for doing post analysis. The camera will normally record in a MTS format (AVCHD). This format is hard to play slow motion and time settings may be inaccurate. Change the camera recording format to MP4. Then you can play the video with all options. If you have problems with MP4, install the codec packet K-lite that you will find under Other software in this Web Site.


  • Get a camera with AV-out or HDMI connection
  • Get a camera that save the videos in one of these formats MP4, mpeg, MPG4, AVI, WMV
  • Get a camera with a good lens

Recommended Semipro cameras:
– Sony AX100 4K
– Panasonic HC-V750EG
– Home cameras with good spec:
– Canon LEGRIA HF R56
– Panasonic HC-V750EG

Media converters

USB 3 Magewell Converters
The most modern Media converters are USB-3 and Thunderbolt. We recommend USB-3 that gives a high and stable video quality at 5 Gb/s.

(Firewire gives 0,48 Gb/s)

Interplay is reseller for Magewell converters and you can read more about these product here. Click here

Black Magic Design converter
Please check out your computer spesifications first and find it this list from Black Magic Design:

Firewire Converters
For firewire and Express cards:

We recommend media converters from Grass walley.

The converters are:
– ADVC-55 Click here
– ADVC-110 Click here


  • Connect to AV-out at camera
  • Connect to TV for live scouting
  • Connect to DVD-player
  • Connect to cable boxes