Trial versions


All Interplay versions will give you 30 days trial period when installing in an unused computer.

Alle features is available during the trial period.

Install your Interplay version for selected sport from the download page.

The trial version require the same minimum spesifications as spesified in the page “Hardware to use”

Your analysis during the trial period will be available also after the trial period.

It will not be possible to do more analysis after ened Trial period. If you need more time for the evaluation, please send a request to with your name and organization.

Order the system

You can easy purchase the MiniPro system using our webshop. You can open the webstore from the Profil Screen.

When it’s time to buy or renew a license, click the menuitem “Buy a license”. This will open the Profil screen.


After you have purchased a license, the text will change to “My profile” and all features in the system will be available as the AutoRecord.

You open the webstore when clicking the button “Buy a new year license”.
The process will open the payment system and you can use credit cards or Paypal to pay for the system.

Ask for the promotion code that will change from club to club.
You will receive a email with the new license code, but the system will also lock up the license server and add the code automatically.

Trial Period

The trial period will tick down the days from first day you install and start using the system.

You have all features available in the system during the evaluation period.

If you need more time for evaluate the Interplay systems, please send us a request.