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Setups for all Interplay-sports Pro versions

Click at your sport for start the installation procedure.

Click yes and next at all the options you will have during the installation.

A new installation will not affect your analysis at the computer

An uninstallation of the application will not delete your analysis or the license information you have in your computer.

Click at the installation sets for Interplay-sports Pro 4.6

When you install for upgrade to a new version, all your license information will remain in your computer, and of course, also all your analyzed games.

The installation and uninstallation will not affect any of your system information.

Using Mac computers

Mac Computers can be used without problem using Boot Camp or Parallel

Read more about using Parallel in this article http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/

Read more here

Apple has more information in their Web pages using Microsoft in Apple-computers

Minimum specifications for analysis computer

The new generation Interplay software connected to HDMI/USB3 converter give high resolution video quality, but you can still use your firewire equipment with computers with firewire connections.

USB3 expands the range of useable analysis computers with a long list of different models and brands.

Check out the USB-3 converter

A new computer should have at least 2 GHz i5 or i7 processor and at least 4 Gb RAM memory and a screen resolution at least 1440 x 900.

Recommended Hardware

Mobile workstations for multi camera analysis:
– HP zBook with i5 or i7 processor
– Lenovo w540
– Dell XPS 15

Single or two camera analysis:
– Lenovo ThinkPad X240 (Two cameras)
– Microsoft Surface Pro (Single camera)
– Dell Precision M2800 Mobile Workstation (Two cameras)
– Acer Aspire S7 (Two Cameras)

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Single, Two or Multi camera analysis

Check out the numbers of USB-3 ports. This will give you the number of available connected sources

Check out the numbers of USB-3 ports. This will give you the number of the possible connected sources. You can also combine USB-3 input with firewire that using Expresscard or firewire ports in the computer.