Download Interplay Pro

Setups for all Interplay-sports Pro and Player versions

Version 4.9 with last generation video objects

  • Click at your sport for start the installation procedure.
  • Click yes and next at all the options you will have during the installation.
  • A new installation will not affect your analysis at the computer
  • An uninstallation of the application will not delete your analysis or the license information you have in your computer.

Pro Analyzer

Click at the installation sets for Interplay-sports Pro Analyzer 4.9

Interplay-sports Pro Soccer                                             Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Soccer with Winnerheads          Ver.

Interplay-sports Coach Soccer                                          Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Icehockey                                       Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Icehockey with Winnerheads      Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Handball                                          Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Tennis                                              Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Basketball                                        Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Lacrosse                                            Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Beach Handball                              Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Futsal                                               Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Fieldhockey                                    Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Floorball                                         Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Rugby                                              Ver.

Interplay-sports Pro Netball                                          Ver.



Userguide for YouTube upload


Pro Player

This is a version without analysis capability and options, but you can import and play exported games from the analysis versions. After 30 days withot any payment for the Pro Version, these versions turn to Free player.

Click at the installation of the Pro Player 4.9

Interplay-sports Player Soccer                      Ver.

Interplay-sports Player Icehockey                Ver.

Interplay-sports Player Handball                  Ver.

Interplay-sports Player Basketball                 Ver.

Interplay-sports Player Lacrosse                   Ver.

Interplay-sports Player Futsal Football          Ver.

When you install for upgrading to a new version, all your license information will remain in your computer, and of course, also all your analyzed games.

The installation and uninstallation will not affect any of your system information.

SemiPro Analyzer 4.8

Semipro is a simpler Video analysis application for stand alone alone use. The variableset is the same as in the Pro version.

Interplay-sports Soccer SemiPro 4.8

Using Mac computers

Interplay-sports is a Microsoft based application and needs to run in a Microsoft enviroment.

Mac Computers can normally be used to run the Interplay-sports Players versions when you are using using Boot Camp or Parallel.

We don’t recommend Apple as analysis computers because the Apple OS set a lot of restrictions for running applications in Apple environment. Microsoft is lot more flexible and do not cause problems as in Apple computers.

Read more about using Parallel in this article

Read more here

Apple has more information in their Web pages using Microsoft in Apple-computers

Bug in Win10


Some computers with the new Windows 10 or updated Win 7 or Win 8, have a bug when you install Interplay-sports. If you get the message above, just click OK.

The messsage is related to the nvcurcenc.dll file that is a driver for nVidia Cuda and GeForce 340.43 screen cards.
Just click OK if you get this message. Interplay doesn’t use this file.

We have sent a message to Microsoft and reported this as a bug.

You will not get this message if you install in Win7 or Win 8 computers.

We recommend Win10 as a OS for Interplay-sports.

Single, Two or Multi camera analysis

Check out the numbers of USB-3 ports. This will give you the number of the possible connected sources. You can also combine USB-3 input with firewire that using Expresscard or firewire ports in the computer.

The next generation in video quality is available in all Interplay-sports versions with capture in 4K Magewell Dongle boxes in HDMI and SDI.

This give a fantastic quality in the video presentations in Interplay-sports applications. The Magewell 4K Dongle can bli ordered inside the Interplay-sports application. Goto Profil and Order Magewell.

HDMI and 4K dongles from Magewell