Professional FrontEnd Video Analysis system
Develop your players and teams in all levels and sports

Your development system for all teams and all levels

The Interplay family of video analyse tools: Pro, Semipro and Minipro. They will help your team to reach the next level...

License Packages

1Singel license
License for installation in one computer.
Support and all upgrades are included.
2Club license
This package is for installation in 3 computers, and Interplay will provide the club with 7 free licenses which can be used for coach and youth player development. Support and all upgrades are included.
3Federation package
Licenses for all national coaches and video coaches for supporting all your national teams. All education and support is included.

Pro Overview

Interplay Pro versions are built for easy handling of your most complex analysis and scouting tasks.

What can the system do for you and your work:
Here are some benefits:

  • Do realtime analysis with up to 4 cameras that will be synchronized in Interplay, but you can also do post analysis from camera, imported video files, from streamed matches in net and television broadcast. You have all options.
  • The system is very easy to learn and easy to analyze players with all player actions and paths for the passes.
  • You will do analysis very effective for both teams that make it easy to select offence and defence activities in the game combined with other variables.
  • Both team analysis will also give important information to your next opponent analysis.
  • Interplay is designed for different sports that include player line ups, easy change of players or lines, special teams(6), power play, penalty killing and pass/shots with special features.
  • The variables is designed by you and can be changed to what you need for your focus and coaching.
  • The analysis variables are organized in groups for attack types, shots, grades, technical/tactical and multi variables that make it very easy to connect different groups of variables and players.
  • All variables in the different groups are optional and easy to change for different focus.
  • It is possible with several variabel sets for different teams and needs as practice and game variables.
  • Additional slave cameras can be be placed in different locations or connected to auto follow cameras as SoloShot3 or Move`n See that will be synchronised with your analysis.
  • Stream video and analysis to the locker room at halftime direct from the analysis computer using local network and view situations at big screen.
  • Interplay is using high quality Magewell converters for connection broadcast (SDI) and home cameras (HDMI) and also TV, cables boxes and other computers for streaming video.
  • Mobile units with Interplay SideScreen will give information and video to the coaches during the game at the bench. The coaches can also add situations to the analysis during the game for presentation halftime or as a part of the analysis.
  • Easy export and import between different Interplay systems or using the net for moving the analysis to other Interplay-computers and MiniPro systems.
  • Easy to edit, add new or delete situations from the analysis.
  • Big screen presentation for player meetings where it is easy to change between different camera inputs and matches, multi matches and saved projects in the system.
  • Add arrows and other elements to the video presentation for make the presentation more informativ and with auto stop in the presentation.
  • Export and upload direct to your and your players video-archive on net using with message to players phones or other mobile units.